Parent Partnership

In order for our staff team to be as effective as possible in their role as early year’s practitioner we have to work closely with parents as they are the first educators of their children and as such have a comprehensive knowledge of their child.  To support this relationship we have in place a parent partnership policy which sets out our hopes and wishes in working with parents and families.

Parent Participation and Consultation Policy
Little Flowers Nursery recognises that parents have an important
part to play in the delivery of quality Early Education and Care for young children.

We believe that your involvement contributes enormously to the effective way in
which we operate. Parents are welcome to come to the nursery at selected times to assist with activities, hence becoming involved in the overall support network we provide for children and their families.
Parents are encouraged to become involved in the nursery in each or one of the
following ways:

  • Being active in the establishment of a Parent-Nursery relationship.


  • Talking to staff about your child, their interests and the program.
  • Asking questions about the daily activities and room program.


  • Suggesting things that you would like staff to consider when planning the


  • Asking to view your child’s developmental record which is compiled and

regularly updated by the staff in your child’s area.

  • Maintaining an interest in the running of the nursery, reading all notices,

attending meetings, responding to surveys etc.

  • Contributing to the running of the nursery by sharing special skills in music,

Languages etc or through helping children celebrate their achievements in the wider community by visiting should you be a farmer, artist, nurse, doctor etc.

  • Spending time at the nursery, participating in activities with all children.


  • Participating in the Parent Group meetings where possible.
  • Standing for election on the Parent Group Committee.


  • Attending formal and informal functions arranged by the nursery.
  • Contributing to the Policies and Procedures review process.


  • Supporting our nursery through fundraising and donations.


I agree to actively participate and where required be involved in the consultation process as often as I can at Little Flowers Nursery.

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