Outdoor Play

It is important that children should be given the opportunity, on a regular basis, to enjoy energetic activity both indoors and out and the feeling of well-being that it brings. Outdoor play provides an environment that responds to individual learning styles. It complements and enhances all aspects of children's development and learning through its physical and open -ended nature.
At Little Flowers Nursery all children have the opportunity to engage in outdoor play at for at least 1 hour per day across the course of the day.  We are committed to following an all weather approach to play outdoor and as such we ask that all children are provided with a pair of wellington boots and a heavy waterproof rain jacket or even better a rain suit during the winter months.  In the summer we stress the importance of providing sun lotion and a sun hat.  These steps ensure that children all have equal access to the outdoor learning and play environment and benefit from fresh air, exercise and the felling of welling being it brings.

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