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The curriculum for children aged 0-3 years is based on the principles of the Pre-Birth to Three Framework.

When talking about a curriculum for under threes we are talking about all the planned and
unplanned activities that are organised within the nursery. They are based heavily on
Relationships, Responsive care and Respect, which underpins all curriculum areas, plus the
Holistic development and child’s attitude towards coming to the Nursery.

Little Flowers Day Nursery understands and values the importance of play in the Holistic
Development of young children, as they learn about the world in which they live.


Little Flowers Day Nursery aims to provide a sanctuary in which children can play in a safe and secure environment, with practitioners who support and progress their learning.


Our objective is to celebrate the age of the children as they are.

  • Opportunities will be made for the children to make choices for themselves and to

experience spontaneous, unplanned activities, such as snow or the arrival of a fire engine.

  • We have devised a curriculum from the Pre Birth to Three Framework
  • The Pre-birth to Three framework is reflected in our practice within an environment which is respectful, kind and considerate to all those who attend.
  • We embrace the curriculum and lay the foundations for the

promotion of kind and considerate individuals and the progression onto the Curriculum for Excellence and the four capacities; effective contributors, responsible citizens, successful learners, and confident individuals.

  • Little Flowers Day Nursery advocates the importance of the process of learning, and not necessarily the end product.

The aims of our Pre-birth to Three curriculum are:

• To enable all children to learn and develop their skills to the best of their ability
• To promote a positive attitude towards learning
• To promote self - discovery, exploration and curiosity towards learning
• To promote an ethos of mutual respect and kindness, and a sense of what is and
what is not acceptable codes of behaviour
• To help children understand the importance of truth and fairness, so that they begin
to learn the importance of equal opportunities
• To endorse and support children's high self esteems so they have the confidence to



The Nursery staff are responsible for ensuring that all children are allowed to play and to
learn the following skills whilst enjoying themselves:
• Exploring
• Investigating
• Discovering
• Creating
• Practicing
• Rehearsing
• Repeating
• Revising
• Consolidating knowledge already gained

The Environment

Little Flowers Day Nursery has ample space for children to explore and play in, and has displays, which are changed regularly. The garden is used extensively as an outside learning space, and can be accessed in all types of weather. Little Flowers Day Nursery continually reviews and replaces resources, and the number of toys and play facilities the Nursery has.

The Resources

The staff are creative and use household materials to enhance learning of self-discovery, curiosity, interest and many other learning objectives laid out in our 0-3 curriculum. These
• Jelly
• Corn flour
• Water Play
• Shaving Foam
• Rice, Pasta and Oats
• Icing and other resources of cooking
• Natural materials for the treasure basket
• Boxes
• Sponges


Evidence of learning

Each child has a Significant Achievement Book with his/her work in it. Key workers also observe and assess the children on the four key areas and evidence of these observations are kept in the individual Professional Documents.

This allows staff to know what a child can do, and what skills s/he needs support with. The
files also demonstrate what learning objectives have been on offer, and allow key workers to
plan effectively for the needs of their children. Parents are encouraged to take home these significant achievement books regularly and to add any pictures they feel appropriate.

Learning journeys are intended to be a celebration of the individual child’s development and
learning Experiences that happen at home are just as valuable as those which happen within Nursery. Little Flowers Day Nursery encourages good relationships between parents and staff, and in the sharing of knowledge about each child

We know that children’s experiences in their early years are very closely related to the quality of care that they receive. We also know that these experiences can have a real impact on how children develop in the future.
It is important that all those involved in the wellbeing, care and education of babies and young children have guidance that sets a context for high-quality care and education, and which identifies key features that support and promote sensitive and well-informed interactions and approaches.

Curriculum for Excellence 
 “Aims to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum for 3 to 18.year olds.  The curriculum includes the totality of experiences which are planned for children and young people through their education, wherever they are being educated.”
(Learning & Teaching Scotland)

The aims of Curriculum for Excellence are that every child and young person should know they are valued and will be supported to become a successful learner, an effective contributor, a confident individual and a responsible citizen otherwise known as the four capacities.  All children at Little Flowers Nursery will be provided with a curriculum that includes a range of features at the differing stages of development.
In summary, our children will be experiencing:
• A coherent curriculum 
• A broad, general education, including experiences and outcomes which are well
planned across all the curriculum areas, beginning from early years.
• Opportunities for developing skills for learning and skills for life with a continuous
focus on literacy and numeracy and health and well-being.
• Personal support to enable all children  to gain as much as possible from the
opportunities which Curriculum for Excellence can provide 
• Support in making successful transitions within Nursery moving onto Primary

At Little Flowers we believe in developing an appropriate curriculum, which takes into account the importance of the whole child and looks at the stages of development that he or she has reached.  We recognise that different children learn in a variety of different ways and that for very young children the following opportunities make powerful contributions to a child’s learning, the opportunity to learn firsthand a different range of activities and situations and be given the opportunity of play, talk, interact and socialise with other people. 
Little Flowers will use the entitlements, in conjunction with the experiences and
outcomes, to plan curriculum programmes covering the curriculum areas.
The Curriculum areas are:
 Expressive arts
 Health and wellbeing
 Religious and moral education
 Social studies

The importance of the Child
Little Flowers Nursery aims to provide a curriculum which looks at the best interest of the child, we do this by:

  • Identifying and assessing all children that attend the nursery and look at their individual needs.
  • Building on the children’s previous experiences from home or other settings.
  • Completing termly summative assessments on all children so that the children’s key worker is able to monitor the children’s progress and provide next steps for each child.
  • Looking at each child’s welfare, safety and well being.
  • Having a flexible attitude to the children’s interest, to be able to plan to incorporate the children ideas, interest from home or information from parents or carers.
  • Encouraging all children to fully participate in the full range of activities that Little Flowers is able to offer.
  • Working fully with parents and carers in the best interest of the children.

All members of Staff strive to create the above described environment and contribute
• Open, positive, supportive relationships in which children will feel that they are
listened to 
• promoting a climate in which children and young people feel safe and secure 
• modelling behaviour which promotes effective learning and wellbeing within the
nursery community 
• being sensitive and responsive to each child’s wellbeing

Little Flowers Nursery offers an environment where all the children can feel safe and secure and all have the chance to be able to explore new ideas, interact with other children in the nursery and in the local area, be able to have the confidence to participate in new ventures.  
Little Flowers Nursery ensures that the children’s activities are well planned and always will support their children’s learning.  We achieve this by planning, observation, record keeping and assessment of individual children.  By doing this we are able to ensure that all the children’s needs are being met and that all the activities and experiences that we offer are relevant to the children’s learning.
“E-Profiles” are kept by the children’s key workers on each child and we encourage children to contribute to these along with staff and parents/carers. The E-Profiles will be given home on a regular basis and are able to be given to parents on request and be given out at parent’s nights.  The E-Profiles will leave nursery with the children when they leave Little Flowers and these will be passed on to the child’s local primary school.

Evaluating the curriculum 
Little Flower’s primary aim is to offer high quality childcare and education and it recognises the importance of reviewing and evaluating its practice against this aim.
Through regular staff meetings and evaluations through planning the staff can monitor and evaluate their process using tool kits such as Child at the Centre 2 and Journey to Excellence.
Staff will attend CPD training to keep up to date with any developments and share good practice with one another.

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