Literacy Case – This is used as a tool to promote early mark making and literacy awareness involving every day experiences such as letter writing, note taking and offers the opportunity to create tickets, telephone books etc.

Numeracy Bag – This will be used as a tool to promote the wide learning and experiences that cover mathematics in Curriculum for Excellence from number to shape and information handling and problem solving.

E-Profiles – Are used as an effective tool to promote and share information with parents in relation to their child’s individual development in line with the experiences and outcomes in curriculum for excellence.  There are also sections within this profile to log wider achievements and these profiles contain useful and informative links to relevant local and national documents.

Home Link Jotter – The Home link jotter (which will be provided) which will be used as a record & celebration of your child’s achievements. In line with our parent partnership policy we ask that you the parent take responsibility for offering your child the learning experience each week as well as where necessary the recording of the achievement. By engaging in this home link we as partners in your child’s learning hope your child will see how the skills we strive to develop can be applied to real life situations. Every child will have an allocated day to both take and return their jotters e.g. take Monday evening and return following Monday morning. The home link jotter box will be located in the main entrance.
Significant Achievement Book - This book is a working document used by staff with children to log their ongoing significant achievements in nursery and within the wider community.
You take this book home one week per month and contribute to it with your child’s significant achievements.  Should you require any support or suggestions for content please speak with staff.

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