Fee's & Bookings

Fee's & Bookings


8:00AM TILL 1:00PM

1:00PM TILL 6:00PM
8:00AM TILL 6:00PM
0-3 YEARS £4.00 PER DAY £27.00 £25.00 £42.00
3-5 YEARS* £4.00 PER DAY £22.00 £20.00 £38.00

*Additional hour £5.00
*Our Pre School prices are reduced further for those children who are attending Little Flowers Nursery to access their Pre Five grant funded place. Any questions relating to cost of funding will be discussed on an individual basis, please just speak with management.

Includes Lunches with Fee's

Fees are calculated as follows:

Cost of individual session taken x how many sessions taken per week.
This total is then x by 50 (we only charge 50 weeks per year due to Easter Monday closure and Christmas break)
The total you have is your yearly total which is then ÷ 12 (months of the year)
The final total you then have is your fixed monthly nursery fee.

Fees are due on the first of each month, in advance. Parents can pay by Cheque, Standing Order, Direct Debit, card or Childcare Vouchers. Parents who are late will be subjected to a £25.00 per month late fee.

Parents who are persistently late collecting their child will be subjected to £25.00 per late fee per day.

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