If your child is off
If your child will not be in at After School Care any day that he/she is booked for, please contact 0141 886 6123.  Failure to do so involves a lengthy delay for other children, as well as the possibility of us calling the police as we look for your child after school. 

Late for your child
If you are going to be late for your child please contact 0141 886 6123 at the earliest opportunity.  Failure to contact us by 6pm will result in us having to contact social work department as a child would be classed as “abandoned”.

Signing In and Out
It is the responsibility of parents to sign their child in when they arrive each day both during term time and the holidays.  It is also just as important that parents remember to sign their child out each day.

Special Diets/ Allergies
It is important that we have as much information on your child as possible.  If he/she has an allergy draw the staffs attention to it and it will be recorded and all the carers will be informed.

Policies and Procedures
When you register for the service you will be required to complete a registration form.  Remember this information is confidential and will remain locked up at all times.  You will also be asked to complete a permission slip for trips.  This will be a main form and each time we go on a trip you will just need to recheck your details and date and sign at the relevant place.

If your child is on medication
If your child is on any medication it must be handed into the staff for safe storage.  You will be required to complete an administration of medication form.

Additional Support Needs
It is important that we work in partnership with parents to support children with additional support needs.  By providing staff with as much information on your child we can work together to support your child enabling them to access as many opportunities as they can.

Equal Opportunities
Little Flowers operates an Equal Opportunities Policy enabling all children equal access to the service and the use of the facilities within.

Can I nominate others to collect my child?

  • You are able to nominate 2 emergency contacts who will be allowed to collect your child should you be unable to.
  • We operate a password system to ensure the security of children during times of collection by a nominated person.
  • Should an emergency arise where neither you or a nominated emergency contact are not able to collect your child you must call the nursery and staff will take details fo the third party you have nominated for that one occasion.

Do I need to provide formula milk, nappies etc?

  • You must provide formula milk for your child if they are having bottles.  You can either make the bottle and we will warm the bottles as required or provide the measure of formula and measure of milk and we will mix and warm for you.
  • Cow’s milk will be provided for all other children.
  • We provide nappies; you should provide wipes and nappy cream should cream be required.
  • We provide all children with face cloths and bibs where required.
  • All cutlery and crockery except milk bottles are provided by nursery.
  • We are participants in the National Tooth Brushing Programme and as so we will seek your permission for your child to take part in daily tooth brushing at nursery.  We will provide the tooth brush and tooth paste.

What types of food can I offer my child when weaning and what types of food are considered healthy for my child’s lunch?

  • We encourage parents to choose healthy options for children’s packed lunch.  Children tend to have sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt and fruit.  Some children bring home cooked lunches, soup, pasta etc during the winter months which we can heat for them.  We cannot reheat any dish with rice due to food safety regulations.  Please click here to see national Nutritional Guidance Document.
  • Lunches are stored in dedicated fridges to keep lunches chilled.
  • We provide morning and afternoon snack for children of all ages.  Our snack menus rotate with seasons of the year and offer a balance of healthy options.
  • Milk and Water are offered with snacks and water is available for children to access throughout the day.

Is there somewhere I can store my child’s pushchair / car seat?

  • Yes.  We have a dedicated storage facility on site where you can safely store pushchairs and car seats for your collection at the end of the day.

When are you closed for holidays?

  • We are closed on Easter Monday each year.
  • We close the week day nearest to Christmas Eve and on this day nursery is only open for the Children’s Christmas Party.  The nursery remains closed through the festive period until usually around 3rd or 4th of January.  This date varies depending on the calendar and details of this are issued each year.

Do I have to drop my child off at the start time of the session and not collect till the session end time?

  • Session times are guidance for you, however should you not wish to drop your child off till 9am or collect at 4pm please feel free to do so. 
  • Should you wish to collect your child midsession we advise that you call in advance as children are involved in outings to local parks, shops and outdoor experiences and as such may not be in nursery when you arrive to collect.

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