Our main objective at Little Flowers Nursery is to provide a high quality childcare provision where children are encouraged and supported to undertake stimulating experiences, challenges and educated risks in an environment where they can express feelings in a positive manner, build confidence, independence, self esteem and be secure as they develop into effective contributors, successful learners, responsible citizens and confident individuals in our community.

In order to achieve this we aim to:

  • Provide a high ratio of qualified and experienced staff.


  • Work in Partnership with parents to meet the individual needs of their child through ongoing observation and assessment of children’s learning.
  • There is an expectation that everyone involved with nursery will foster positive relationships, create a culture of respect and responsive care in line with Pre Birth To Three guidance.


  • Provide a broad and practical curriculum that encourages the child’s intellectual and social growth.
  • Staff, children and parents all have a responsibility to develop, reinforce and extend children’s skills in Health and Well Being, Literacy and Numeracy experiences and outcomes in line with Curriculum for Excellence.


  • Provide ongoing staff development and training.
  • Promote an ethos of equality and fairness, which respects and values all members of the nursery.


  • Provide high quality resources, efficiently organised, to support effective learning and teaching.
Establish a team, led by the Manager, which works effectively towards the success of the nursery.

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